A. Subscription
1. What do I need to subscribe?

For subscription on Interdating you only need an active email address to which we send an activation-link.
2. Can I change my mail address?
Yes, it is possible to change your mail address.
3. Will I be able to change my profile later on?
Yes, you can change it as many times as you want.

B. Free and paid membership
1. Where do I find more information about free and paid membership?

For information about memberships look at About Interdating.
2. Can I resign my paid membership?
No, once you have paid you will not be able to resign your paid membership before the end of the period for which you subscribed. You can put your profile offline using privacy settings. Interdating does not compensate costs or refund for your current paid membership.
3. Will my paid membership automatically be prolonged?
No, after the period for which you paid has expired your paid membership will not be automatically prolonged. If you want you can subscribe again of course.
4. Is my free membership time limited?
No, the free membership is not time limited.

C. Password and privacy
1. Can I change my password?

Yes, you can change it as many times as you want.
2. What can I do when I forgot my password?
Click on "Password forgotten" in the left column and use the mail address with which you subscribed.
3. Is my privacy guaranteed?
Yes, Interdating does everything to guarantee your privacy. More information
4. I only want members to see my profile, not other visitors
You can easily change this in your profile in "Privacy settings"

D. Payments
1. Are payments for Interdating safe?
Yes, very safe. For payments a special secured connection with SSL-Certificate is used. For this we use wellknown, professional and reliable partners like Paypal and Multisafepay. When you pay you will automatically be redirected to a secured surrounding of these companies.
2. How can I see I am using a secured connection and know if it works?
As soon as you start to pay the address in top will change from "http" into "https" in which "s" is for "secured":
A secured page can be recognized by the icon of a lock in the addressrule:

3. Does Interdating get my personal payment-details?
No, Interdating does not get details like credit card numbers or bank accounts.
4. What payment cards and means are accepted?
Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Ideal, Giropay, Bancontact/Mr cash, Direct ebanking

E. Technical and functional questions
1. Why can I not send virtual flower and/or kiss to persons I like?
a. To one member you can only send one virtual flower and one virtual kiss
b. It is possible the member prefers not to receive virtual flowers and/or kisses.
2. What does the function "Tell a friend" mean?
With this you can tell one or more friends about Interdating or about a profile you saw. Interdating will not save or use your friends mail address(es).
3. What does the function "Send a card" mean?
For free you can send an e-card to another member of Interdating.
4. I am not able to send an e-card.
To use this functionality you must be a priviliged member.
5. How can I start a chat?
Go to the option "Chat"in the top of the page or press the chat icon near the username.
6. I am not able to chat with a member that is online.
a. To use the functionality you must be a privileged member.
b. It is possible the member prefers not to chat and adapted this setting in his profile.
7. I do not want some members to contact me, what can I do?
You can easily block these members with the "Block" button. You are able to unblock them again if you want later on.
8. I try to send a message using the contactform of customer support but it does not work.
Only members, free and paid, can use customer support.

F. Abuse
1. I received advertising in my account what can I do?
Please report it to us by using the contactform. Please don't forget to mention the details like username from whom you received it.
2. I think I have to deal with a fake profile and/or fake pictures. What can I do?
Please report it to us by using the contactform. Please don't forget to mention the details like username.