Safety tips

Meeting new people is fun and you can have a great time on Interdating and at your meeting(s). But of course at the beginning you and your date start as "strangers" and therefore it is good to think about your privacy and security. Interdating is worldwide and open for everyone and we try to provide a safe and secure place to date. But like on other datingsites there will be people trying to make abuse of other members. Below you find what we do and what you can do yourself.


Interdating and your safety
- You control

Your personal information is only and completely controlled by yourself. Only you can choose to share your full name, email address or contact information with other users. You can choose to hide your profile or block other members from contacting you. Your name and contact details will always remain completely private.
- Abuse report

If the behavior of another member is giving you cause for concern, please Report Abuse. All complaints are confidential. When inappropriate behavior of another member has been reported more frequently we may warn, suspend or delete this member's profile.


Fakers, scammers and players
- Scammers only want 1 thing: money!

For example a beauty contacts you and you start mailing. After some time she tells you that you are the best and want to come over. But she is missing "only" 500 euro for a flight ticket. These people do not hesitate to make sad stories knowing many people feel sorry and will transfer money to help. Sometimes they even use very sad stories about a family member that needs surgery or medication because he/she otherwise will die. You would not be the first that transfer money and do not hear anything anymore.
- Players manipulate and like to play games
They can be very charming and nice and contact you time after time. They can have different identities and play with people endlessly. You can recognize them because they say many times they want to call or chat with you but every time something comes in between. It can be difficult to get rid of them and sometimes they approach you again using a different name/identity.

Fakers are not stupid and most of the time they have a lot of experience with internet. However they often expose themselves because of behaving different than other "normal" people. Be alert on the following signals:
- after many mails and chats he/she does not want to give a phonenumber or want to make an appointment;
- it is almost impossible to act as somebody else for a long time. He/she does not know somethings he/she should know, there are contradictions in what he/she says or he/she is vague;
- every person has his/her own unique character. So it is impossible he/she has exactly the same ideals, hobbies and preferences as you have;
- you get very general messages/mails like "Darling I love you and think about you all the time....". These are standard mails, they do not react on things you wrote;
- a beauty contacts you and asks you to continue the contact on another (paid) website or through paid sms services. These are for commercial purpose only, you will never get in contact;
- a profile is too nice to be true. For example: An attractive, rich, nice, charming person with a picture like a model will not expose like this on a site;
- from a person that says he/she has a topjob you get a lot of mails, 24 hours a day, even when you did not answer yet. This person has no topjob, his daily "job" is to play with people. 

Staying safe
- Be honest
Make sure your profile is not misleading, create the right impression. If you keep it honest from the start, you'll prevent possible disappointments and problems.
- Never give money
In daily life, you never give money or bank account numbers to a stranger so use the same rule here! Remember some people are very creative in making stories. If anyone on Interdating ever asks you to lend or give money, please Contact Us.
- Careful with pictures
Be careful with sending very private pictures like nude pictures, they can be easy widely distributed on the internet;

- Common Sense
Trust your instincts, l
ike meeting new people in the "real world", be sensible and alert. Some stories are created;
- No quick decisions
Do not make quick decisions especially when the offer looks to good to be true or when you are put under pressure because of "no time". Take time to think and discuss with a friend.

- Check
Of course it will not be possible to check everything but there are some ways to make a rough check:
1. ask several questions about not common things and that are also not in the profile. After some time ask these questions again. If the answer is different, ask more questions and/or follow the rest of the check (Examples: What city do the parents of you mother live, What job your father has, How old is the mother of your father etc) ;
2. ask for pictures for example about daily life and see if these pictures fit in the story/profile. (Example: someone sends a picture with at the background a Mediterranean house but tells he/she is living in the US.);
3. search for (user)name(s) on Google. Some names are already known and displayed on special sites that report abuse;
4. if you meet someone online and there is a connection between you two, use the webcam. This way you are sure if the picture(s) that were used in the profile or he/she sent are correct. But be careful with webcamsex if you do not know the person because the images can be recorded. It can be used for blackmail and when the images are distributed on the internet it will be impossible to get them removed; 

5. when you are online talking with webcam, give instructions and see if the instructions will be followed immediately. Note a video can be recorded before so only immediate reaction is good (Examples: “Wave to me”, “Show me your shoes” etc.).

First meeting(s)
- Public place

Have your first meeting not at home but in a public place like a café. This way you stay safe because there are more people and the date lasts as long as you want;
- Leave a trace
Leave details of your date with a friend before you meet someone for the first time;
- Go by yourself
Make your own way to and from the venue. This way for transportation you are not depending and keeps all your options open;
- Friends call
Ask a friend to call you some time after your date started. You can either assure them everything is going well or you can use the call as excuse to cut the date short;
- Personal information
Do not give details about addresses, work etc till you are sure you want your date to know it. Be reluctant about other very personal information. As you get to know your date better, gradually share a bit more about you;
- At long distance
If you have your first meeting on a long distance try not to be dependent on your date. Arrange your own accommodation and transport. Try to get some information about the city/place where you meet. Meet in the centre and in the daytime or early in the evening. If your date invites you at home, go there in the daytime so it is more easy for orientate where you are.